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We love visuals

We are an audiovisual production studio from Mallorca that develops multimedia projects. We are specialised in video, TV, corporate video and videoclip.

Welcome to our audiovisual production company in Mallorca. We offer professional services to carry out your audiovisual or multimedia project from the first idea to the finished product. Here you will find some of our video, motion graphics, photo and web design projects! Would you like to share your audiovisual project with us and make it grow together?

Audiovisual Production

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Professional services for audiovisual and multimedia production at mallorca

Are you planning to shoot a videoclip and you want it done with a professional studio? Do you want to promote your business or products with a video or a brand and new webpage? Do you need to shoot a professional corporate video or a TV commercial? Are you performing a special event or a live show and you want a photographic or HD video coverage? ... or you simply wish to have a professional video of your wedding day ? You just found the indicated production studio for your project! Our producing studio is experienced in all kind of audiovisual and multimedia productions, and we have all the means to make your audiovisual production become a reality at Mallorca. Each project has its own needs, we know how to adapt ourselves to obtain the best results with the available resources. Contact our audiovisual production studio and tell us your idea; we will be glad to hear about your project.


Vídeo boda Mallorca

Our audiovisual production company also offers you a team of professional videographers specialized in shooting and editing your wedding video in Mallorca. We specialize in making emotive wedding videos with an exceptional film aesthetics. We love to share the big day with the couples to produce an original wedding video; we capture unique moments to craft unforgettable memories.

We have different wedding video packs to suit your taste and needs, and we love to hear your ideas to make you a personal and original video. Every wedding video is unique for us, and our team stands out from the typical wedding video to perform modern and original videos. Take a look to our wedding videos page to check if our style is what you are looking for!


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Macro photography with viltrox extension tubes

Posted on Jan 10 by

Extension tubes are a good low cost alternative for photographers who want to experiment with macro photography without having to buy a lens especially designed for macro. They are a few empty tubes (with no optical elements inside) set between the camera body and your lens, thereby increasing the distance between the lens and the focal plane of the camera (either a sensor or a negative). This fact considerably reduces the minimum focusing distance of our lens and allows us to get much closer to the object to be photographed in macro. In the other hand, when we use optical extension tubes the lens loses the possibility to focus to infinity, so we can only use them to photograph items that are close to us. Another aspect to consider when working in macro photography is the depth of field: it becomes critical and can be only about a few millimeters. Therefore you will usually have to work with closed apertures, that will help you increasing the depth of field to keep a focused scene. In addition, we also have to consider the fact that...


Shooting with Palma Pictures

Posted on Dec 16 by

This summer I participated in one of the shootings of Palma Pictures at Mallorca. I worked as a a production assistant in one of their commercials, and although it was a hard work -especially considering it was a shoot on the beach in summer-, the experience was entirely positive for me. While it is true that filming on the beach is particularly hard, I think that sharing time and space with top technicians and professionals allows you to see and learn many things that can not be seen in less ambitious shootings. Filming for a couple of days under the summer’s sun is heavy, but I would certainly repeat it if I had a chance!...


Shooting with Francesc Bellmunt

Posted on Jul 23 by

It’s always been a pleasure to take part in Francesc Bellmunt‘s shooting crew. In this case I was one of the camera operators for his next documentary shooted in...