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Is your band is recording a new album and you are looking to shoot a videoclip in the studio? Shooting a music video in a recording studio is a good choice to promote your band through a simple videoclip, which could also work to attract a record label.

We love shooting in recording studios, in fact our audiovisual production company shares facilities with the Digitals Pro studio in Mallorca, and I can assure there’s some kind of magic when the bands play live at the studio.

Tinons & the mopis wanted to take advantage of their studio session with Jordi Tugores in Alquímia Records to shoot a fresh videoclip fresco as a making of their cover of Steppin’ out with my baby. It is very pleasant to work with such talented musicians who feel the music like Tinons and his band do, in this particular video our team was in charge of the shooting and Pau Mayol edited it.

You can follow Tinons & the mopis in their youtube channel. They are:

Tinons March (voice)

Omar Lanuti (guitar)

Juanan Torrandell (double bass)

Tim Alcorn (drums)

Jaume Cerdà (trumpet)

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Tinons & the mopis – Steppin’ out with my baby (making of videoclip)