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Here you have our little tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music, for the TV Show Cada Dia at IB3 TV. This video, that I had the pleasure to direct, i’ts played by the artist and presenter Victoria Maldi -the voice you hear is also hers- and has been produced by the production company Tresques Comunicació.

We are passionate about the TV format, the immediacy of the contents and the adrenaline that causes you to be always working against the clock. We shot this clip between two people in little more than an hour, by the next day it was being broadcasted on IB3 TV. It has been a pleasure to shoot with Victòria Maldi; her professionalism was decisive for getting this video done in so little time;)

You can find more information about Victòria Maldi and the program Cada Dia on their websites:

The sound of music – Victoria Maldi