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In 2012 I took part in the shooting of the short “Solo Contigo” produced by the UPF and shot in 16mm.
I assumed the roles of camera operator, editor, and I also joined the photography crew.

A working-class marriage in the 70s. He works nights and she during the day. A life in the routine. A half-empty bed that keeps the heat of the other half. Boredom, frustration, loneliness.

Direction: Paloma Mateos
Actors: Laura López, Jordi Figueras
First assistant direction: Blai Biosca
Actors director: Unai Telletxea
Producció: Laura Torres, Raida Pérez
Direcció de Foto: Sandra García, Diego Dussuel
Operadors de càmera: Lluís Fernández, Xavi Postigo
So: Violeta Tselli, Ángela Urtoller
Muntatge: Lluís Fernández, Unai Telletxea
Storyboard i Script: Marina Rizo
Art: Cristina Fort, Laia Salvador, Laura Peinado

With the support of: 
Isaki Lacuesta, Santiago Fillol, Marcós Marín, Agost Alustiza
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Solo Contigo | 16mm short