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Move and Dance is a dance academy that contacted us to shoot and edit a video in HD of the performance of their students in the auditorium of Manacor (Mallorca). To shoot a show of this nature we recommend using from two to five video cameras. We always adapt to the customer’s production possibilities, and in this case we decided to shoot it with two 5d MarkIII. We knew that using this type of cameras we would challenge due to its very thin depth of field, but seeing the resulting video we don’t doubt that was a good decision. The video of the performance was sold to family and friends of the students, you can see a small sample in the teaser that you have at the top of this page.

Evolution of dance

When we finished editing the video, we also designed the book cover for the DVD box and the disks. We love to participate in the process of creating audiovisual from the initial idea to the finished product 😉

Evolution of Dance - Move and dance

You can find information about courses and schedules of Move and Dance’s academy on their website. They teach courses of different types of dance in Manacor, Santanyi and Felanitx.

Move and Dance – Evolution of dance