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The members of the mythical Spanish band Isla San Juan are coming back with a new album and rebranded as Isla. Planeta Azul (blue planet) is one of the main singles that we will find in Isla’s next album, and we are very happy to have been in charge of shooting and editing it’s videoclip in Mallorca.

Planeta Azul is a critical song against the modern lifestyle that takes us to a polluted world full of nonsense. This videoclip is very special because we can say that it is an ecological videoclip: we shoot it using 100% renewable energies. Planeta Azul was shot at the Costitx de Mallorca observatory, using as its only source of energy its generators charged with solar energy.


The members of Isla are: Sebastián Heredia (voice), Antonio Jimeno (guitar), David Balaguer (bass) and Cristian Costantini (drums). Planeta Azul also has the collaboration of Isaac León (rap).

In the official facebook page of Isla you will find the latest news.

If you have a band and want to shoot a videoclip in Mallorca do not hesitate to contact us. In our videoclips page you can find our latest works!

Isla – Planeta Azul (Blue Planet) | Official videoclip