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La bicicleta is the second videoclip we have made for Melquiades. It is a song co-produced by Isaac León and Melquiades which is specially designed to exercise the body during Zumba classes. The shooting of this video was really fun and was performed in a single -but pretty intese- day. We want to send a big hug to the group of dancers and to all actors and extras of the video clip for having such a great patience during the shooting. Thanks to everyone who took part in the filming of the videoclip!

We are happy and we feel proud to see an artist coming back to shoot another videoclip with us. We also hope it’s not the last! 😉 Here you can check out the videoclip “Solos“, the previous work we crafted for Melquiades.

I’d also like to share the link to the respective facebook pages of Melquiades and Isaac León, just in case you want to follow them!

If you are a musician or you have a band and you are looking for a videoclip in Mallorca do not hesitate to contact us. Here you can take a look at some of the videoclips we’ve crafted.

Isaac Leon & Melquiades – La Bicicleta | videoclip