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Juguete de mi pasión is the last videoclip we produced for Jesús el Coto. The musical environment is very competitive and usually it’s very hard for an artist to have visibility, we are very happy to collaborate with artists like El Coto -represented by his fabulous manager Anne Ignacio– by making a videoclip that will help them reach more public.

Juguete de mi pasión

I want to thank Paula Guerrero, the main character for her good performance next to Jesús. I also want to thank all the extras that joined our shootings, and of course I have to thank Álvaro Company and Carlos Sanchiz, the two professionals that helped me making this videoclip.

El coto - Rodaje

If you also want to shoot a videolcip in Mallorca do not hesitate con contact us! Take a look at some of our latest projects in our videoclips page. Let’s get in touch, we’ll be glad to hear about your project! 😀

El coto – Juguete de mi pasión | videoclip