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We are very satisfied with the videoclip we have done for the song Desde la cuna, from the Majorcan rapper Balle Doble H, included in his last LP Cogito Ergo Sum. This is an acid video, critic with a social system that prevents many migrants to prosper succeed in a new country. In this song, Doble H counts with the collaboration of the rapper DCO, who is also one of the main characters of the video.

What I found most curious about Doble H‘s draft, was that the letter of Desde la cuna and his script for the video had nothing in common. At first, this detail surprised me, but Doble H‘s determination to carry out his idea made me believe in it. The resulting video works, and it’s clear to me that the Majorcan rap scene has much talent and creativity. You can contact Balle via facebook.

Balle Doble H

Balle Doble H

The shooting of this video was done for two days in different locations of Mallorca. If you are considering to shoot a professional videoclip for your band do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you to grow up your idea!

Here’s the video, we hope you like it as much as we do!

Rodaje videoclip mallorca


Director, photo & edit: Lluís Fernández
2nd Camera: Carlos Sanchiz
Stedicam: Nacho López-Brea

Voices – Balle Doble H & DCO.
Production – Lapsus (Lps Beats)
Scraches – Dj Gladi

Seju – Officer
Xavi – Estranger
Miguel – Bully
Brandon – Little brother