Our audiovisual production company offers full audiovisual production service to carry out your project from the initial idea to the finished product. We have Full HD 1080 shooting equipment, several sets of high-quality optical lenses and post production rooms, as well as the magnificent recording studio Digitals Pro, where we do the final mixes and audio postproduction to our projects.

Our production company is young but has already made several documentary projects, music videos, photoreports, animated short films, photo shoots, web design projects… Communicate means exist, and we’ll help you do it the best way possible.

Videoclip shooting - Lluís Fernández

We also offer graphic design, animation, post production and visual effects services. Every detail is important to grow your project.

Photography is one of our passions, we have experience covering all types of events: concerts, fashion shows, performances, photo shoots, professional book…

Having a website means exist, and for this reason we also design your space in the network, so you can reach everyone. We have experience implementing various kinds of web, from professional pages to online shops.

Don’t hesitate to present your project to us, we want to hear it and make it grow together!


my profile…

– Degree in Media Communication at the University Pompeu Fabra.

– Superior Technician (FP2) in performing audiovisual shows.

– Superior Technician (FP2) in administrating IT systems.

Special FP2 award from the Balearic Government in comunication, image and sound in 2009.

I recently directed “Sa Travessa”, my first documentary. In 2011 I worked in the TV3‘s show Polònia, as part of the practicum for the Media Communication Degree. During 2010 I worked as the web advertising manager for Tirabol and Catmèdia‘s media group.

In 2008 I was responsible of the motion graphics at Localia TVI Balears, I also worked as 1st AD in their television programs. I’ve been a freelance camera operator in international shows -Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels…- for the Office for Foreign Trade of the Government of the Balearic Islands, also offering editing and post production services in promotional videos. I also worked in shootings with the director Francesc Bellmunt, working as a camera operator and graphic designer in some of his latest productions

Today, I work as a freelancer in the field of communications, web design and audiovisual production.

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